Brevard County Florida

 In spite of its proximity to the glitz, glamour, and attention attracted by the theme parks and neon lights of Orlando, Brevard County has established itself as the place it all takes off. Powered by America’s space program and the launching of NASA’s shuttle fleet, Brevard County, otherwise known as the Space Coast, is always bustling with activity and excitement.


Extending 72 miles along the Indian River, Brevard County is home to nearly 600,000 residents. When the National Aeronautics and Space Administration began launching rockets from Cape Canaveral in the 1950s, Brevard County felt the boom as thousands of families flocked to the area, bolstering its population, development, and excitement. During NASA’s heyday of the 1960s of launching men into outer space and landing them on the moon, the space program employed 26 percent of the county’s workforce.


However, long before man ventured into space, people traveled to Brevard County for its beauty…and its citrus. Many communities on the Space Coast were founded by those tending citrus crops, and snowbirds flocking down to enjoy the warm summers and relaxed atmosphere.


In addition to being the launching pad for space technology, Brevard County is also home to some of Florida’s natural treasures. Many preserves provide habitats for numerous species, some of which are endangered. More than 3,000 species of plants and animals live in the Indian River lagoon alone. And it’s not uncommon to see manatees in the Banana and Indian rivers, or alligators sunning themselves along local throughways.
Brevard County’s unique mix of technology and nature make this community one of Florida’s special places. Space Coast residents enjoy the conveniences and culture of the big city without the traffic and hassles. With its beautiful sandy beaches, its prime fishing holes, and lush golf courses, the Space Coast also is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream.


And even Disney has seen the value of Brevard County, operating two cruise ships from the Space Coast’s Port Canaveral. Whether its shuttles blasting into space, the sunny beaches of the Atlantic, or the greatest outdoor recreation Florida has to offer, Brevard County has it all. And the sky’s the limit.